Limited version

Limited version

After partially registration soon function limited SD images for SolarEdge SExyK inverter with SE smart meter and Fronius Symo/Priimo/Galvo with Fronius smart meter avaliable.

ONLY NAME and REAL EMAIL ADDRESS is necessary !!!


Downloadable SD image is a current copy of the Raspbian operating system for Raspbery Pi.

You can download this soon for free as a function limited version with our application from our site.

After a successful test on your specific device, you can purchase the full version for a fee.

 OS Raspbian was supplemented with modules Openhab2, Python3, Influxdb, Grafana and user components that are necessary for communication with inverters.

Connectable components:

- SExzK Inverter without/with SE Smart Meter

- Fronius Symo/Primo/Galvo with Wifi/LAN module and/or Fronius Smart Meter.

After copying the system image to an empty SD card, insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi.

Connect your devices into local network. You can use the Rpi preconfigured access point to create your own WiFi network without internet access.

The configuration requires a couple of details that you enter in the browser window on the notebook/phone during the initial configuration

- Inverter IP address, port

- cloud access ID/passphrase 

- presence from SE smart meter, battery.


In the Internet browser you can access the operating and measured values of the inverter and/or smart meter

also WITHOUT INTERNET access in almost REAL TIME.

Cloud data are read with a period of 10 minutes for base values and 60 minutes for summary values due to the limitation of the daily number of readings by the SE portal. Cloud access is not necessary!

Data are stored in the Influx database and presented in real-time historical charts in Grafana package.

The system is open to further extensions by experienced users.

It is also aimed at laypeople who are able to connect components to their own Wifi/LAN network.

Packages for monitoring Studer XTM, XTH Extender and monitoring Pylontech batteries are currently being prepared and tested.

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