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Simple definition of basic parameters such as IP address, inverter port, cloud_secret etc. by the user - show product pictures !


Monitoring and control function

  • information about inverter and energy meter function in real time
  • local visualisation in internet browser from PC, notebook, mobil
  • visualisation possible also on native touchscreen from RPi
  • 5 second interval for reading of actual meassurements and statuses
  • storage of historical data in a database
  • intuitive interpretation of messured values in dynamical graphs
  • time interval for graphs is changeable
  • manul or automatic reduction of power from inverter, interval from 0 to 100 % of nominal  inverter power
  • power control for minimalisation of injection to grid
  • remote access from handy via openhab cloud or VPN / NAT
  • data from SolarEdge cloud are presented to, all avaliable data inclusive aggregate data
  • working independent from internet, data flows via ModbusTCP protocol over local LAN/wireless
  • on Rpi cn be activated own wireless access point = common for inverter, PC, NB, mobile - local network infrastructure isn't necessary 

Platform of Raspberry Pi 4

  • monitoring system is working uninterrupted with max. 3 Watt consumption on a single Raspberry Pi4, 4GB RAM\
  • raspberry use raspbian bullseye operating system with installed and preconfigured all necessary modules like python3, Influxdb, grafana etc.
  • Rpi has enougth power for additional control routines extensions by experienced user
  • open opensource architecture
  • system is installed on a 32GB SD card or external USB disc

Monitoring Monitoring only
Power control Inclusive power reduction automatic

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Monitoring for SolarEdge SExyzK Inverter

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